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SiliconReef is an innovative company working with microelectronics. Through a combination of cutting edge technology and sustainable energy, our mission is to create products and solutions capable of optimizing self-sufficiency in the management of environmental energy harvesting, by developing high-performance, low-power integrated circuits.

At SiliconReef we develop customized projects and services including consulting services, ranging from feasibility studies through to the initial production stages of a new chip. Our company aims are aligned to the national interest of promoting growth within the semiconductor industry, and thereby placing Brazil in the international arena.

SiliconReef is located in Recife (Brazil), integrated with Porto Digital, one of the country’s largest and most profitable innovation centres, esteemed for generating, exchanging and multiplying technological knowledge.


The identity of SiliconReef is based on the use of technology to provide sustainable devices.

Key Alternative Energy Sources


      To provide innovative solutions within the semiconductor industry that promote the use of energy in an efficient, sustainable manner.

    • VISION

      To become a global market reference for promoting renewable energy in the semiconductor industry, by the year 2020.

    • VALUES

      1. Team spirit
      2. Responsibility
      3. Transparency
      4. Commitment
      5. Innovation.

    • 2015

      Launched in 2015, EH01 is the first product of solar family. It is designed for portable solar charger and wireless sensors applications compatible with USB power.

    • 2012

      Funding received from Criatec, a seed capital fund, established with resources from BNDES (the National Bank for Economic and Social Development) and BNB (Banco do Nordeste).

    • 2011

      Project approval by the Sibratec (the Brazilian System for Technology), which focuses on industrial policies, technology and foreign trade.

    • 2010

      Finalist in the Cisco/DFJ contest, and selected for the First Innovative Company (Prime).

    • 2009

      Gains first place in Desafio Brasil (Challenge – Brazil), an entrepreneurship contest coordinated by the Centro de Estudos in Private Equity and Venture Capital at the Getulio Vargas Foundation (GVcepe), with support from Intel.

      SiliconReef presents its technology in Silicon Valley, California.

    • 2008

      Selected as one of the companies in the CI Brasil program – Federal Semiconductor Initiative.

    • 2015


      First IC from EH01 solar product family. It is design for portable solar charger and wireless sensors applications compatible with USB power.

    • 2016


      Debut product of EH02 kinetic energy family. The IC works with piezoelectric transducers being best fit to sensing applications in industrial and automotive energy harvesting.

    • 2017


      High-voltage solar energy harvesting chip it works with up to 48V DC input providing wide range of output voltage from 5V to 24V. Designed for automotive and telecommunication industry.


      Cathal Phelan is the CEO and President of Rapt Touch since November 2014. Rapt Touch is focused on enabling the multi-touch experience into the very large, up to 100 inch, screen space, in both the Business-to-Business and Education markets. Rapt Touch is a Venture Capital funded startup with locations in Ireland, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA. Prior to this, Phelan was the CTO at Cypress Semiconductor Corp for five years working on all the company business strategies, M&A activities, and IP/Patent management and monetization. Before Cypress, Phelan was the CEO and President at Ubicom, a VC funded and silicon valley based startup, from 2006 to 2008. Ubicom was a home networking company designing unique software for their own multi-threaded multi-core hardware platform. Ubicom was acquired by Qualcomm. Earlier in his career, Phelan held numerous engineering and top management positions at Cypress from 1991 to 2006, mainly in the SRAM and USB divisions. Prior to that Phelan spent six years working at the Philips Research facilities in the Netherlands. Phelan has served as a member of the board of directors for Virage Logic, Touchstone Semiconductor, AgigaTech and Cypress Microsystems. Phelan holds 38 US patents and both a Masters and Bachelors degree in Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.


      Milton has 25+ years of professional experience, across three continents. He has worked at traditional names of the tech industry, such as Philips Electronics and Cypress Semiconductor, but the list also includes several startups, two of which he helped start. Recently, he was the CTO of Bematech, in Curitiba, and, since November 2014, he joined Google in  Silicon Valley. He sits in the boards of advisors and directors of various startups. Milton has degrees in electronics engineering by the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) and the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE). He has been granted nine patents by the US Patent Office.

    EH01 Product Release

    Solar Energy Harvesting IC with USB output power port and Li-Ion Battery Charger Circuit

    The EH01 is a complete power management solution for a variety of energy-harvesting applications, providing a small and simple solution to obtain power from three different sources: a wall adapter, photovoltaic cells and a Li-Ion battery. This device then enables the implementation of USB chargers.

    The device contains one high efficiency DC/DC converter, a fully-featured Li-Ion Battery Charger, and numerous protection features.

    The EH01 also provides one output for battery status monitoring that gives an estimate of the battery charge level.


    • Solar Battery Chargers

    • Mobile devices powered by solar energy

    • Solar powered wireless sensor nodes


    • Complete all-in-one management of energy harvesting process

    • Works with both solar panels or conventional wall adapters

    • Regulated USB output power port

    • Operation mode consumption less than 5mW

    • Total conversion efficiency greater than 90%

    • Stand-by consumption less than 500μW

    Typical Application

    EH01 Typical Application


    EH01 Features


    SiliconReef at Campus Party

    SiliconReef presented in recent editions of Campus Recife and Party Campus Party Brazil the current need to use alternative sources of energy and its EH01 chip that adds efficiency in energy harvesting from solar chargers for portable electronic devices.

    Watch in Portuguese: 


    Run up Companies

    SiliconReef, a Brazilian company specialized in integrated circuit design, participated in the IT Venture Forum promoted by the Brazilian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital (ABVCAP), in São Paulo in order to obtain new financing that could give continuity to its product line for Energy Harvesting.

    Read in Portuguese:

    Alternative energy sources to power portable devices

    Institutional presentation and the product EH01 (Energy Harvesting 01) in the catalog Fortec (a Green Network Technologies) during the Rio +20 conference held between 13 and 22 June 2012.

    Read in Portuguese:

    From Pernambuco State, SiliconReef designs chips to promote sustainable devices

    Highlight for technology developed to EH01 (Energy Harvesting 01) chip that promotes the better capture of solar energy for portable electronic devices.

    Read in Portuguese:

    The EH01 is a complete power management solution for a variety of energy-harvesting applications, providing a small and simple solution combining power from different sources: a DC wall adapter, photovoltaic cells and a Li-Ion battery. This device enables a simple implementation of a 5V supply, like a USB charger compatible with the ITU standard for the Universal Charging Solution (L.1000).

    Using a high efficiency DC/DC converter the EH01 converts the voltage from the panel to a stable 5V output. In addition a Li-Ion Battery Charger (with numerous protection features) stores the excess energy from the panel in an external battery. This battery then complements the energy to the DC/DC converter when needed. 

    The EH01 also provides an interface for battery status monitoring. This can be done via a simple button making a LED pulse or via a microcontroller based serial communication.








    • Complete all-in-one management of energy-harvesting process
    • Works with both solar panels or conventional wall adapters
    • Regulated 5V output power port withstanding currents up to 1.2A (see 1.2A Solar/Wall USB Charger application)
    • Operation mode consumption below 5mW
    • Total conversion efficiency above 90%
    • Stand-by consumption less than 500μW
    • Battery Monitoring via Led or Serial Interface

    EH01 block diagram



      Analysis, requirements, IC specification, preliminary NRE and RE costs.


      Designing the architecture of the chip blocks in accordance with the required function.


      Design of all blocks from schematic to GDSII, including verification.

    • 4. PROTOTYPE

      Engineering samples are manufactured for tests and validations. If all right, goes to initial ramp-up.


      Validation of electrical parameters and robustness. Final test development.


      The IC is evaluated in target application.

    WHY an ASIC?

    • Customization
    • Cost reduction
    • Miniaturization
    • Efficiency Gains
    • Protection of
      Intellectual Property







    • Solar Battery charger for portable devices application

      The white paper developed by SiliconReef professionals brings their experience in developing systems efficient at capturing solar energy for portable electronic devices. Authors: Filipe Távora, Eng. de Circuitos Analógicos and Andréa Sarmento Maia, Trainee.

    • Wireless Sensor Network for Oil & Gas Industry

      The article will show the possibilities for energy harvesting generated in the process of extracting oil and gas, and how this can be exploited in this industry, especially in the support networks of wireless sensors, minimizing costs and environmental impacts.


    Application Engineer, We are seeking a highly motivated candidate to join our team. The successful candidate will work as an integral part of the team that contributes to solve the major engineering design problems of our customers. The candidate will work as a technical bridge between customers and SiliconReef delivering innovative solutions that help drive revenue. This is an outstanding opportunity to be part of a high-tech company who will drive the change how portable devices are powered.



    • Embedded system design in both hardware and software fronts

    • Develop PCB design as well as leads suppliers to manufacture and assembly

    • Assembly and test demonstration boards

    • Embedded software development for multiple processors targets 8/16/32 bits

    • Circuit simulation - SPICE

    • New technologies study

    • Documentation and presentation preparation




    • Prior exposure through academic project work, internships, co-ops, or full-time employment in application engineering domain.

    • Prior experience with PCB design tool, ARM, 8051, PIC or Arduino software development.


    Education & Qualifications:


    • Bachelors or Masters degree in electrical engineering, electrical and computer engineering or a related field

    • Ability to cooperate and communicate well within an engineering team

    • English communication skills


    Senior Mixed-Signal Circuit Design Engineer, We are seeking a senior mixed-signal IC design engineer. The successful candidate will work as an integral part of the AMS team to contribute to the specification, design and verification of SiliconReef’s product roadmap. This is an outstanding opportunity to be part of one most innovative company in Brazil giving you the opportunity to innovate and make a significant contribution in power management ICs domain.


    • Developing AMS integrated circuits as a member of an IC design team

    • Follows SiliconReef’s IC design methodology

    • Provides guidance to physical designers and monitor progress of IC layout

    • Provides inputs to verification and validation plans for AMS IC's produced by the design team

    • Work with systems engineers, application engineers, and marketing to prepare product briefs, data sheets and application notes

    • Supports measurement and validation of the new ICs designed

    • Work with product and test engineers as needed to ensure ICs are successfully transferred to production

    • Interfacing with the customer or FAE team to understand customer designs, problems, and support required

    • Actively participate with marketing, systems and design teams in the evolution of product definition

    • Prepare training material and tools needed to promote and sell SiliconReef’s products

    • Prepare and give training to internal team

    • Contribute to SiliconReef’s roadmap formulation and new concept creation



    • Minimum 7 years of experience full-time employment in analog or mixed-signal circuit design.

    • Strong background in CMOS circuit design

    • Low current and high voltage analog circuit design experience strongly preferred

    • Understanding of device physics, semiconductor modeling and processing


    Education & Qualifications:

    • Bachelors or Masters degree in Electrical Engineering

    • Ability to cooperate and communicate well within an engineering team

    • English communication skills

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    Rua do Bom Jesus, 180 - Bairro do Recife Antigo
    Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil - 50030-170 E-mail: